How to fix “Charging On Hold” warning in iOS 16

How to fix “Charging On Hold” warning in iOS 16

After updating your iPhone to iOS 16, you may encounter a Charging On Hold error-like prompt on occasion. Is this a sign that your iPhone's charging unit has failed? Obviously not. It's Apple's built-in safeguard against potential damage to your iPhone.

So, what does Charging On Hold in iOS 16 mean? How do you get rid of it? And what should you do if you come across it on your iPhone? This article will provide answers to these questions.

Why does iPhone say ‘Charging On Hold’?

The Charging On Hold error message appears when your iPhone's temperature rises above normal while charging. You shouldn't be concerned if you see this message because it usually disappears when the phone cools. The iPhone will then continue to charge as usual.

This fail-safe mechanism, like Emergency Override, is included with iOS 16 to preserve battery life. The Charging On Hold error message appears regardless of the source of the heat, which could be your charger, your iPhone, or any other external factor.

The Charging On Hold error is a message that pops up when your iPhone’s temperature

Causes of Charging On Hold on iPhone

Because the Charging On Hold message appears due to overheated iPhones, investigating the possible causes of the problem source is critical.

Here are some things that might raise your iPhone’s temperature:

  • Running heavy apps or tasks on your iPhone may also slow it down and raise its internal temperature.
  • Placing the iPhone on hot surfaces, such as the dashboard of your car, heated pavement, or near a heat source, may raise its temperature and cause the Charging On Hold error message to appear while charging.
  • Charger or charging unit failure.
  • A faulty battery may overheat, raising the temperature of your iPhone.
  • Streaming high-quality videos can cause the iPhone to overheat.

What to do when you see a ‘Charging On Hold’ notification on iPhone

Allowing the phone to cool is all that is required to resolve this error message. The first step is to unplug your iPhone and refrain from using it until it reaches its optimal temperature.

Try charging it once you feel it has cooled. However, if your iPhone throws this message often, you might want to check the battery or consider changing its charger. Although there’s no task or usage limit on the iPhone, pausing heavy tasks while charging might remove this error message.

Once you feel it has cooled, try charging it. If your iPhone displays this message frequently, you should check the battery or consider replacing it.Although the iPhone has no task or usage limit, pausing heavy tasks while charging may remove this error message.

If you see this error message on your iPhone, don't freak out. It frequently indicates that your iOS is functioning normally and implementing the necessary fail-safe mechanism.


How frequently have you received the Charging On Hold message since upgrading to iOS 16? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you're experiencing other heating issues with your Apple devices, check out these guides.


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