How to delete sleep schedules in Health app on iPhone

How to delete sleep schedules in Health app on iPhone

The Sleep Schedule feature in iOS 16 is not hard to use. You decide how many hours you want to sleep each night and then set your bedtime and wake-up time to match. The Bedtime alarm will always be in the Alarm section of the Clock app after you set it up the first time.

You can also set a one-time or recurring alarm with the Clock app. But your daily schedule could change, or you might no longer need an alarm. So, I'll tell you a simple way to turn off alarms and delete sleep schedules in your iPhone's Health app.


How to delete alarms and sleep schedules on iPhone

  1. Open the Health app on your iPhone. 
  2. Tap Browse from the lower right corner.
  3. Select Sleep to get all your sleep data. 
  4. Scroll down to Your Schedule and tap Full Schedule & Options.Scroll-down-to-Your-Schedule-in-Health-app-on-iPhone
    • To turn off all sleep schedules and alarms: Toggle off the Sleep Schedule.    .Turn-off-all-sleep-schedules-and-alarms-on-iPhone
    • To delete a sleep schedule and its alarm: Tap Edit under the schedule you wish to delete. Finally, scroll down and tap Delete Schedule.Delete-a-sleep-schedule-and-its-alarm-on-iPhone
    • To turn off the alarm permanently for a sleep schedule: Under the schedule where you want to turn off the alarm, click Edit. Then scroll down and turn off Alarm under Alarm Options. To confirm your choice, tap "Done." You can also take Bedtime Alarm out of the Clock app.Permanently-disable-the-alarm-for-sleep-schedule

In the Health app, you can turn off your alarms, turn off Sleep Mode, or delete your sleep routines. If you have more than one bedtime alarm, you can turn them all off at once or just the next one. If all sleep schedules are turned off, all alarms that were set to go off will automatically stop.


Turn off only your next bedtime alarm

When I get home late, I always turn off the alarm for the next morning. So, my sleep the next day won't be messed up. This is how:

  1. Launch Health app → Browse → Sleep.
  2. Then tap Edit under Your Schedule section’s Next label.
  3. Finally, scroll down below and toggle off Alarm.                                                                             Permanently-disable-the-alarm-for-sleep-schedule


Bonus: Edit sleep schedules on your Apple Watch

In addition to the Health and Clock apps, you can also use your Apple Watch to turn off alarms and delete sleep schedules. To do that, open the Sleep app on your Apple Watch. It looks like a turquoise bed. Then, click the Next button next to the displayed schedule to change your next alarm.
Tap the Full Schedule button if you want to change your sleep schedule for good. Here, you can change your Sleep Goal or a schedule you already have.


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