How to record calls on your iPhone 14 (2022)

How to record calls on your iPhone 14 (2022)

Here is our simple tutorial on how to record a call on an iPhone 14, complete with the necessary apps and tools.

You might want to record phone calls on your iPhone 14 for a variety of reasons. You might need to evaluate how your employees interact with customers, recall crucial details, or gather proof against shady callers.


It may seem simple to record phone calls on an iPhone 14, but this is not the case. Since it is illegal in many countries to record phone calls, Apple does not offer one as a native feature. However, we have a number of effective methods to record iPhone 14 calls if you want to give it a try.

Why is it so complex to record calls on iPhone 14?

Without the other party's permission, it is generally forbidden to record a phone call. Apple won't let applications that offer unlawful functions like call recording since, unlike Android, they control the whole distribution of iOS apps for their devices. This is the main justification for why iPhones do not come equipped with a built-in call recording function.

It's usually a good idea to let the other callers know if you're recording a call. However You must understand whether you reside in a one-party or two-party consent state in the United States if you want to comply with the law.


The majority of states follow the one-party rule, which requires that only one side to the discussion be aware of the recording. If necessary, that can be just you.

You require the permission of each caller to record, though, in California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Similar laws apply to electronic recordings in Connecticut, however there are several exceptions.

In the UK, you can record calls for your own use without getting permission. The recordings must, however, be shared or published with authorization.

However, wherever you reside, it's important to confirm the local rules in your area before recording calls.

The solutions provided in this tutorial provide efficient workarounds for recording calls with the agreement of the party being recorded after fully adhering to Apple's privacy policy.

4 Easy Ways to Record Calls on iPhone 14

So, here's how you record a call on an iPhone 14 whether you need a full transcription or simply want to take notes from a chat for later.

Note: information in this article apply to iPhone 14, iPhone 14 mini, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Record Phone Calls Using an External Device

On your iPhone 14, this is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to record any phone call. All you have to do is record the call using the voice recording app on a different phone while your iPhone is in speaker mode. To record an ongoing call on your iPhone, you can use either an Android phone or an iPhone as the secondary device.

Merge a Phone Call to Record it Seamlessly

Utilizing the merging technique is another efficient tip for recording phone calls on your iPhone 14. You'll need both an iPhone and an Android phone for this method to work. To achieve the same result, just follow these easy steps.

  1. First, make a call from your iPhone to your Android phone and turn call recording on.
  2. Next, select the contact you want to call by tapping on the Add Call button on your iPhone.
  3. Additionally, integrate the two calls to create a conference call. The incoming call will be answered as a conference call by the person you are calling.
  4. On your Android phone, the entirety of your discussion will be recorded, and you may listen to it at a later time for reference.

Make Use of VoiceMail Service to Record Calls on iPhone 14

You may utilize your iPhone 14's VoiceMail feature to record phone calls if it is currently in use.

  1. To activate the voicemail feature on your iPhone, use the Dialer app and dial your own number. After the beep sound, wait a short while until the voicemail begins to record.
  2. After that, touch the Add Call button and choose the contact of the person you want to call and record a call with. To record the call through your voicemail, combine the two calls.
  3. When the conversation is over, you may visit the list of saved voicemails on your iPhone to listen to the whole call recording that was left as voicemail.

Use the Google Voice App to Record Phone Calls on iPhone 14

You can use your iPhone 14 to record phone calls using the Google Voice app if you live in the US or Canada. You can use the app to record incoming and outgoing calls using this free VoIP service.

  1. Set up your Google Voice account if you don't already have one, or create one.
  2. Install the Google Voice app on your iPhone after that, then log in to customize it.
  3. In the top-left corner of the app, tap the three bars, then select Settings.
  4. The toggle for incoming calls can then be activated by expanding the Calls option.
  5. I'm done now. By pressing the number 4 on the keypad while on the phone, you can now record calls. Your voice recording will be stored right away to your Google Voice mailbox.

iPhone Call Recording FAQs

Q. Is it legal to record phone calls in India?

Legally, you must first obtain the other party's permission before recording their calls. Telephone tapping is regarded as an illegal action in India unless it has the approval of a designated authority.

Q. Can you record phone calls on your iPhone without an app?

The call recording feature is not available by default on iPhone because it violates their privacy policy. However, you can easily record a phone call by using the tips mentioned above.

Q. Can you record phone calls using the Voice Memos app on your iPhone?

No. During testing, we discovered that the iPhone's voice memos app automatically pauses when a call is in progress.

Q. Can you record phone calls on your iPhone for free?

You can record phone calls on your iPhone by merging them or using your voicemail service, as described above.

Q. Will the other caller be notified of your call recording?

No, the methods mentioned above will not inform the other party that a call recording is active.

Q. Is there any free third-party app on iOS to record phone calls?

Regrettably, no. To locate a useful iOS application that can simply record phone calls, we examined a ton of free apps, but the majority of them are either paid or fake.

Q. Can you use the Google Voice app in India?

Regrettably, no. A US number is all that is needed to utilize and record calls on Google Voice, which is unavailable in India.

Q. How do you activate the Voicemail service on your iPhone?

Your network carrier is largely responsible for the voicemail service. To enable and activate the same, you can get in touch with your affiliated network carrier's customer service.

Easily record calls on iPhone 14

Any of the aforementioned methods will work if all you need to know is how to record a phone call on an iPhone 14 at this time. The audio files can be archived or edited at your convenience, but be careful to confirm your legal options first. You don't want to end yourself in jail because you taped a call without permission, after all.


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