Apple Watch Ultra: How to Use the Depth App for Underwater Activities

Apple Watch Ultra: How to Use the Depth App for Underwater Activities

An special app for the Apple Watch Ultra is called Depth. You may learn more about it and how to utilize it in this article.

The new Depth app for the watch is intended to maximize recreational underwater activities like snorkeling, underwater pool swims, and shallow free-diving. The Apple Watch Ultra may be utilized for dives up to 40 meters deep (130 ft).

The Depth app may provide data on the current time, current depth, maximum depth, and water temperature.

The Depth app does not include features like decompression stop information, gas analysis, or other diving capabilities because it is not a dive computer like the upcoming Oceanic+ app. Make sure you have a backup depth gauge and timer or watch if you're using it in a scenario where its failure might cause death or serious harm.

Using the Depth App

When the Apple Watch Ultra is immersed to a depth of one meter or greater, the Depth app automatically launches by default. However, you may manually start a session by launching the app.


To prevent any unintentional input on the screen or with the Digital Crown, the Water Lock function activates when the Depth app is opened. For this reason, launch the Program app and start the workout before you immerse your Apple Watch Ultra if you want to record a workout, such an open-water swim.

To turn off Water Lock and stop your session, press and hold the Digital Crown once you're done. A sequence of tones will play once the screen unlocks in order to remove any remaining water from the watch speaker.

You'll get a dive report after your dive that details how long you were submerged for, your greatest depth, and the range of water temperatures you encountered. The Health app also displays water depth and temperature on a timeline, but not the other parameters.


How to Disable the Depth App's Auto-Launch Feature

  1. Launch the Settings app on your ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌.
  2. Tap General, then tap Auto-Launch.
  3. Under "When Submerged," toggle off the switch next to Auto-Launch App.

How to Change the Depth App's Units of Measurement

  1. Launch the Settings app on your ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌.
  2. Tap Depth.

The depth limit for the Depth app is 130 feet (40 meters). Below this depth, your Apple Watch Ultra's screen turns yellow and some of its features may cease operating altogether or operate erratically.


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