What is ASMR? How ASMR videos can help with relaxation and sleep.

What is ASMR? How ASMR videos can help with relaxation and sleep.

Is your feed full with whispering, finger-tapping, or other tinkling noises? It's reasonable to be curious about what they mean and why so many people appreciate these noises and films. Some even say that watching ASMR films helps them relax or sleep well.

According to the Sleep Foundation 80% of persons who have used ASMR media have reported a favorable influence on their mood that lasts for many hours. Furthermore, 41% of ASMR users with chronic pain said that ASMR helped with pain relief for up to three hours after utilizing ASMR media.

So, what do the hours-long ASMR compilations on your feed mean?

What is ASMR?

ASMR is a recently developed term for "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response," according to the National Library of Medicine. ASMR is sometimes known colloquially as "brain tingles." It is defined as "an internal experience of profound relaxation and pleasurable head tingling that is frequently produced by mild noises, light touch, and personal attention."

However, not everyone experiences ASMR. In a survey done by the National Library of Medicine, 81% of participants stated that they have previously experienced ASMR.

The feelings elicited by ASMR vary from individual to person. According to Newsweek, some people may sense a certain trigger more strongly than others, while others may not feel anything at all. This is primarily due to differences in people's personalities and contextual circumstances that may drive them to react differently.

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What do ASMR videos do?

ASMR movies include sensory material such as whispers, sharp noises, slow motions, and personal attention. Many people are triggered by these various media, leading them to relax, be comfortable, and even fall asleep.

From mukbangs to barbershop noises, these are some of the most popular ASMR videos on YouTube, with millions of views.

Does ASMR help you sleep better?

According to the Sleep Foundation, there isn't much scientific data supporting ASMR as a sleeping aid. The majority of the research stating that ASMR improves sleep or sleep problems is anecdotal. However, the Sleep Foundation claims that brain tingles can help some individuals sleep better.

Because ASMR tends to trigger brain areas connected with soothing, sleep-inducing substances like dopamine and oxytocin, it may help some users sleep better.

The second most prevalent reason for viewers seeking ASMR movies and audio snippets is sleep.


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