Top 10 Korean Mukbang Youtubers

Top 10 Korean Mukbang Youtubers

Mukbang YouTubers from Korea earn a respectable wage while consuming a lot of calories for their viewers. Mukbang, which means "Eating Broadcast" in Korean, The host of the eating program binges as it is being live-streamed. In 2010, it rose to prominence on the Korean website AfreecaTV before moving to YouTube. However, it wasn't until late 2014 that mukbang in Korea really began to take off. It had spread across the globe by 2015. More and more people throughout the world are beginning to eat alone, which is why Korean Mukbang YouTubers are so well-liked. Everyone dislikes dining alone. Some even claim that watching Mukbang movies helps with stress relief and appetite suppression. Nowadays, people from all over the world turn to YouTube to find amusement and solace during these COVID-19-related periods of loneliness and fear. 

Korean Mukbang YouTubers are Great for ASMR

Most Korean Mukbang YouTubers understand the potential ASMR component their content brings. ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response.” Most ASMR involves pleasant sounds such as whispering or tapping. However, Mukbangs bring a different kind of ASMR experience through the sounds of slurping, crunching, chomping, chewing, and the other sounds associated with consuming food. Many of the Mukbang YouTubers do a great job of exaggerating the sounds which can cause tingles throughout your body. For others, it gives them a deeply relaxing feeling and can even help them fall asleep. 

Top 10 Korean Mukbang YouTubers


The most popular Korean ASMR celebrity online is Jane. In Korea, she is revered as the ASMR QUEEN. She has more than 8.4 million subscribers thanks to her ASMR relaxing vlogs. Similar to Hongyu, she debuted in 2012 and has a low profile while remaining silent. Her content is largely focused on sweets and munchies. To date, more than 110 million people have viewed her rainbow crepe cake video. Because a sizable portion of the human population experiences the same kind of deeply soothing brain tingles, it seems sense that these ASMR films are so well-liked. Therefore, many people use these films to aid in their relaxation or sleep.

16.9M subscribers


American-Korean Zach Choi has established himself as the ASMR King on YouTube. From Los Angeles, he performs a mukbang and ASMR fusion. In his videos, he does not speak. Except for minor munching noises, his films are completely silent. He invites additional YouTubers, but once more he never speaks. To hear him whisper, you would have to watch some of his earlier videos.

14.5M subscribers

Hongyu ASMR

In South Korea, ASMR is very popular. Hongyu doesn't speak, unlike many other characters who make melodic hand movements and hushed whispers. She creates movies of herself consuming a wide array of candy and munchies. Although her videos may easily be classified as Mukbangs, the sounds that she produces in them are powerful.With Jelly Boba and popping candy, her "Rainbow Party" video has amassed over 70 million views. She also makes many of her candies herself and provides a brief instruction on how to do so in the video. The noises in her ASMR video are fantastic, but the artwork is equally stunning. She works really hard to make her videos as colorful as she can.

14M subscribers


In South Korea, Hamzy is a well-known mukbang YouTuber. She can eat so much, it's almost incredible. Additionally, because she produces wonderful sounds while eating, you may also think of her recordings as ASMR videos. Her slurping skills are superb! In several videos, she walks you through the whole culinary process. She clearly likes kimchi since her video of ramen with kimchi and octopus has received over 21 million views to far. She began in 2012 and has worked very hard to get to where she is now.

10.4M subscribers


SULGI will appeal to people who enjoy spiciness and boisterous eating noises like AMSR. Although she is quite active on TikTok and Instagram, her most popular platform is YouTube. She only began doing YouTube in 2019, thus it is incredible to see her rise so quickly. Over 149 million people have seen her ASMR video for spicy fast food on YouTube. Additionally, 140 million people have seen her video on eating hot rice cake (Tteokbokki)!

10.7M subscribers


Gong Sam enjoys eating and is renowned for consuming a lot of spicy Korean food. Although he performs ASMR, he is most known for consuming a lot of really hot cuisine. Over 28 million people have seen his video of the fiery one-chip challenge. The bulk of his videos feature ramen or other types of noodles, which are excellent for ASMR.

9.36M subscribers


Ssoyoung is undoubtedly one of the most contentious South Korean mukbang YouTube stars. She creates both ASMR and mukbang videos. Ssoyoung like seafood, but this is what landed her into problems. She demonstrated how to hack off many squid mantles while eating live fish on her channel. Squid and octopus are frequently consumed alive in South Korea, nevertheless. In several restaurants in Seoul, live octopus is served. Ssoyoung's representatives claimed that the goal of her channel is to provide viewers a fresh cultural viewpoint and that she does not support the mistreatment of animals.

8.76M subscribers

Eat wit Boki

You may have observed that South Korean YouTubers enjoy creating mukbang and ASMR videos. She blends mukbang and ASMR the best; her name is Moon Bokhee, but she goes by Boki. Her admirers provide her a lot of love and support. She eats everything, even Korean street food and quick noodles. She has an extremely strong voice that makes you incredibly hungry. Additionally, she like spicy cuisine! As a result, you will frequently see the YouTube screen completely covered in spicy rice cakes. Over 14 million people have seen her spicy boneless chicken video to far. Additionally, some of her videos have English subtitles!

8.3M subscribers


One of the most popular Korean mukbang content producers is SIO ASMR. He was shown in one of his most well-known mukbangs munching on a red-hot Cheetos-stuffed rice cake. Being so engaged allows him to profit from current trends. When Squid Game was starting to gain popularity throughout the world, he was able to submit the Honeycomb Candy challenge video with relative ease.

8.19M subscribers


Think of DONA as a kid-friendly mukbang, ASMR, and food challenge! They produce a variety of movies, ranging from cooking demonstrations to mukdang of intriguing spicy delicacies like Cheetos Chicken and hot mushrooms. One single watch of their NIK-L-NIP Wax Bottle Mukbang video is over 245 million! Three things are certain when watching their videos: hilarious voices, colorful treats, and a variety of sizes and shapes. It is understandable why they can draw in so many kids. Additionally, they have a great sense of humor and add a lot of humor to their films.

28.5M subscribers

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