How to stop spam calendar events on iPhone

How to stop spam calendar events on iPhone

The iPhone calendar is a terrific tool for organizing our lives and keeping us organized. It not only comes pre-installed, is simple to use, and has a handy notification system, but it also syncs easily with all Apple devices.

Sadly, fraudsters have begun utilizing these useful iPhone calendar capabilities as well. Hackers may transmit everything from unwanted adverts to risky links by setting off random events and spamming calendars.

But how can you block these spam calendar invites, and where do they originate from?

Where does iPhone calendar spam come from?

Events will only appear on your iPhone calendar if you subscribe to them, whether consciously or unconsciously.

This suggests that either you unintentionally clicked a harmful link or pop-up while browsing, that you accepted a dubious calendar invitation from your messaging apps, or that your devices have malware on them.


Malwarebytes Labs claims that iPhone calendar spammers use cunning strategies to entice users to subscribe, including leaving blank spaces where the calendar's name should have appeared, creating fake captchas, and adding redirect buttons.

While the majority of this spam is safe, some of it can be highly harmful. They may even include spyware, malware, or other security risks that might endanger your data and you.

You should practice good internet safety habits to prevent getting infected by these spam calendar invites. This entails spending money on iPhone mobile security, staying away from dubious websites, and not clicking on any dubious links.

How to stop iPhone calendar spam

Here are some techniques you can try to keep your Calendar app clear and spam-free, depending on how prevalent iPhone calendar spam is.

Delete spam calendar events

You can just delete a single rogue calendar event that you don't remember signing up for if it appears.

Open your app, then navigate to the spam calendar event to accomplish this. Then, select Delete Event to permanently delete the event from your iPhone and other Apple devices.

Unsubscribe from spam calendars

You can stop spam calendar invitations if you unintentionally clicked and accepted one by unsubscribing to the calendar as a whole.

Go to your Calendar app to unsubscribe from a spam calendar. Tap the questionable calendar event next, and then at the bottom of the screen choose Unsubscribe from this calendar. To confirm, tap Unsubscribe after that.

Delete the iPhone calendar

The best option, if everything else fails and fraudsters keep flooding your email, is to completely remove the calendar. Go to Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Subscribed Calendars to do this.

Tap Delete Account after choosing the calendar you wish to remove. After you agree to the request, the pop-up window should vanish.

Tips when dealing with iPhone calendar scams

You should keep in mind the following advice when dealing with iPhone calendar scams.

Don’t click any questionable links

The majority of iPhone calendar spams contain dubious phising emails that hackers use to access your personal information.

Don't click any potential malicious links from emails or websites asking to be added to your calendar to prevent your data from falling into their hands. Frequently, a pop-up will request that you do so; you can choose to ignore it.

Avoid interacting with spam calendar invites

You essentially inform these con artists that your Apple account is active when you respond to a spam calendar invitation in any way, including denying a request.

Delete the event and don't look back if you want to stop being targeted in the future. Your information will be categorized as inactive as a result, and you probably won't get as much spam going forward.

Remove calendar notifications

To avoid receiving endless calendar invitations from spammers, it is best to simply turn off calendar notifications. Please keep in mind that turning off iPhone calendar notifications will also affect your current calendar entries.

To turn off calendar notifications on your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Notifications > Calendar. After that, flip the switch next to "Allow Notifications" off.

Keep your iPhone calendar spam-free

Syncing all of your projects, appointments, and schedules has never been simpler than it is with iCloud. Unless, of course, there is spam.

Thankfully, it's not hard to keep your iPhone calendar free of spam. You won't ever need to be concerned about iPhone calendar frauds again thanks to a mix of wise online browsing habits and a solid mobile security app.


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