Change these 4 iPhone settings to improve battery life

Change these 4 iPhone settings to improve battery life

On your iPhone, there are a lot of screen options that can simplify your life. For you, they may make using the computer more convenient, and setting them up just takes a few seconds. However, if your iPhone's battery is draining quickly, the issue may possibly be one or two settings that are using far more battery life than you may be aware of.


Lower screen brightness

Undoubtedly, a brighter screen can make it easier for you to see text, particularly at night. But according to Apple, if you leave your screen on all the time, battery life may suffer significantly. Under Settings > Display & Brightness, "make sure the brightness slider is set to the lowest setting that you are comfortable with," and "enable Auto-Brightness, which adapts your screen's brightness to the ambient light."


Set Auto-Lock to 30 seconds

Your phone's screen lock may also be configured to turn on as fast as possible to minimize screen drain. Under Settings > Display & Brightness, you can access Auto Lock, which locks your screen after a period of inactivity. In order to get the most out of your battery, set it to 30 seconds.

Turn off Raise to Wake

When you utilize the Raise to Wake function (which is available on iPhone 6s or newer), your phone will wake up anytime you pick it up. Despite being convenient, turning on the screen on your iPhone uses up the most battery life, and you just need to click a single button to accomplish it. Toggle it off by going to Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake in the Settings app.


Turn off notifications

Whenever someone uploads anything on a social networking app or the program itself releases an update, do you really need to be notified? Despite how convenient it is to receive alerts, your iPhone's battery is always being drained to keep up with an app's activity. Additionally, because lock screen alerts light up your screen for a brief period of time to display them, they can drastically deplete your battery.

To increase the battery life of your iPhone, think about altering these four screen settings right now.


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